Chelsea’s Chimerical Creations

Here begins the series of my blog that includes all of my crazy, weird artworks. I enjoy using different media’s and techniques so each post will include information about how each work was created and the inspiration that started each project.

I have been out of practice with my art skills considering I have had other things to deal with and tend to in life. This is my attempt to get back in it, pick up where I left off, and continue striving at better and better works with each blog post.

This post, however, is extremely unique. My work below is my first attempt at digital media. Being my own worst critic, I can see a lot of things that could have been executed much better. With that being said, I am also quite proud of my first digital artwork. I have no experience with this type of art, but it was tons of fun and I hope to learn more and more from my next attempts to create digitally.

“Star-Speckled Night Over The Mountains” by: Chelsea Agans

Digital media art created with SketchBook on iPad.

The inspiration for this is my love for clear, starry nights away from city lights. One of the most beautiful memories I have was at a state park in Missouri, looking up at the night sky. It was so clear and dark out that you could see the Milky Way. Simply amazing.

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