My personal verdict on digital media art…it’s so much fun! My skill level of digital art…pretty much zero. But, that’s ok. Art is about expression, trying new things, and letting the critics do their job and have their opinions. The newest piece I created looks almost like a 5-year-old’s painting. Again, that’s ok. I’m learning new skills and having fun in the process.

My comfortable media’s have always been pencil or oil paints. Eventually, I will get some of that art up on here, but for now new adventures are more fun!

Here is to trying new things and never letting struggles keep you down! The journey is more exciting than the destination anyways.

“Springtime” by Chelsea Agans

Digital media art created with SketchBook on iPad.

Something about springtime warms the heart and soul. Brightly colored foliage and warm sunny days brings smiles to faces. The time of year to garden, canoe, and adventure to beaches and parks. All in all, the best time for family time outdoors. It’s my favorite time of the year and that is what inspired me to attempt to capture that magic in art.

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