Cases and Sheaths

(via Rain Turtle Crafts)

Multi-Tool Case

Turquoise leather multi-tool case featuring a belt loop and front snap making it easy to carry and conveniently accessible at any time. Water molded leather ensures a tight fit keeping it secure.

Large Knife Sheath

Fitted leather knife sheath for a larger knife. Water molded and heat hardened for a tight fit and protective exterior. Adorned with wildlife stamps and features a belt loop for easy carry.

K-Bar Sheath

Replacement sheath made for a friend’s K-Bar. Simple sheath with snap fastener for handle. Featuring a belt loop for easy carry and adorned with hand-drawn artwork per request.

Small Knife Sheath

Fitted knife sheath for smaller fixed blade knives. One style features a water molded and heat hardened exterior. Includes belt loop on back.

The other style features the same water molded and heat hardened exterior, but has a more relaxed style belt loop to have a little give and a more comfortable nature.

Hammer Case

Anti-vibe hammer case fits hammer snugly and features a belt loop for easy carry. Front snap for easy access. I had some fun with a tie-dye look when dying this piece. You can’t be too serious all of the time.

Sheath for Handmade Skiving Knife

Fitted leather case for a handmade skiving knife. Front features an intriguing snap system and entire case is covered in hand-drawn art.

Hatchet Case

Custom hatchet case made for a friend. Hand-drawn Celtic inspired designs are featured on the front. Front snap for convenient access and belt loop for easy carry. Judging by the picture above, I would say that he loves it.

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