Crème de la Madness

Handmade Stickers

Each sticker is stamped, colored, detailed, and cut by hand. I use a collection of hand carved rubber stamps of my design and making to create each sticker individually.

I find inspiration in repetition and recurring patterns, as they are abundant and easy to share with others.

Due to the nature of the process being all done by hand, there may be some variations between each sticker. I hope you enjoy!

Madeliene Agans

Coloring Books


Very Mad Coloring Book

This handmade coloring book features 17 designs, initially stamped by hand, and then reproduced and bound for you to take home and color for yourself! Each stamp is first hand drawn, then carved by hand, then thoughtfully arranged into these spiraling visions of wacky whimsy. Book size 8.5"5.5"


Sneak Peak