About Us

Nature is our roots and Earth is our mother. Yes, it does seem extremely “hippie-esque” when stated in that manner. If you really look, you can see that without our beautiful planet we could not exist as we are today. She sustains us and provides us with everything we need. Our rivers are her veins, our land is her flesh, and our air is the life she breathes into us. It’s the most beautiful thing in the known universe.

Then, we abuse her. Drain her of resources and demand more once those are gone. Never once do we stop to appreciate her and all that she has to offer. So, then I realized what I want to do with my life. I want to learn all about the wonderful things Mother Nature has to offer. I want to care and tend to her as she does for me. I want to share this with the world in hopes of creating a better tomorrow. It was at that moment Zen Gaia was born.

We strive for natural, safe, and healthy ways to live and information on how to accomplish this way of life. The smallest changes can make the biggest difference, never get discouraged. We, as the human race, can make our home a better place, full of love and compassion.

All Natural

A frequent question of mine has always been, “Why have we required more and more chemicals over the years?” There must be a better way without all of the chemical-based goods we have on the market, like cleaners, pharmaceuticals, and other commonly used items. This is where we begin exploring essential oils, alternative medicine, homemade cleaner recipes, and so much more. We hope this provides an easy guide to take a bit more natural path through life.


The best route to healthier eating is to grow your own food sources. Not only will this save you money in the long run, it also will provide fresh produce to utilize for family meals, or just your favorite dishes. Here we provide tips, information, and ideas for your very own garden.


We always hear the sayings about the mind, body, and soul; the trinity that composes our existence. Each piece affects the next so it is important to keep them balanced and healthy as a whole.


Travel is a wonderful journey to embark on. With lots of learning and diversity, from big cities and small cities to the untamed countrysides and forests, there is so much exploring to do and so little time to achieve it. Every experience and memory makes you a little more rich than before and that is something that money could never buy.

Our Mission

In short, our purpose is to uncover the old knowledge that seems lost in time. Old ways that have disintegrated over the many years that civilization and science has blossomed. It’s amazing what we can find before our eyes that we never imagined was there. We have everything we need right here on our wonderful little planet. Let us discover all that Mother Nature has to offer us.

We are pleased to have you along this journey with us. Please, feel free to share your thoughts and ideas with us. The input and feedback are roadways to growth and understanding.