Rain Turtle Crafts

Welcome to the wonderful world of leather where your imagination is the limit. Leather goods, all handmade from cutting to stitching. Anything you can dream up, I can make it out of leather. From the typical sheaths and bags to the unimaginable like flip flops and notebooks. Take a look around and I hope you can find something that you enjoy. My portfolio continuously grows so keep checking back for my new leather works.

Mr. A

Cases and Sheaths

Knives, hatchets, hammers. You name it and we can create a case for it. Whether you want protection or efficiency from your case, I can make it to fit your personal preference!


Who knew you can make so much with leather? From your head to your toes, I can make anything your body can wear.


Whether for welding or just for fun, I can create any creepy or whimsical mask that you can dream up!


Handmade leather bound notebooks. Adorned with any design you want and the clasp choices are endless! These heavy duty journals are perfect to take anywhere for everything.

Dog Collars

Now every dog owner wants to keep their best friend looking as sharp as possible. Leather collars are the best way to keep your dog as fashionable as you are!

Accessories and Detailing

With all of the options that leather presents, we must never forget the small stuff. Belts, bracelets, and key chains to keep you expressing yourself. Pouches and guitar straps. I also thought I would include a little detail work as well.

Like What You See?

Requests and inquiries should be sent in using the link provided. Orders are made per request, not in bulk.